Our Philosophy

Harmony of Health and Nature

Our guiding philosophy centers on the symbiotic relationship between health and nature. We believe in cultivating the healing power of medicinal plants while treading lightly on the earth. As stewards, our duty extends beyond traditional farming – it encompasses nurturing both the land and the well-being of those who benefit from our harvest.

At KarooKanna, our commitment extends beyond producing high-quality medicinal plants and herbal products. We are a beacon of sustainability, offering a diverse range of organic produce while minimizing our ecological footprint. Our farm stands as a testament to our values of stewardship, community, integrity, and innovation.

Our Mission

To cultivate and propagate the healing legacy of the Klein Karoo’s indigenous medicinal flora. Providing a sanctuary for traditional medicinal flora, while implementing sustainable farming practices to ensure the preservation of the natural environment.

Our Vision

To be a leading force in medicinal plant cultivation. We aspire to create a harmonious balance between nature and humanity, fostering a community that thrives on the principles of wellness, education, and ecological responsibility.

The Essence of KarooKanna

Sceletium, also known as kanna, plays a pivotal role as the core or essence of our crops on our farm. Renowned for its unique properties and historical significance, Sceletium is a succulent plant native to South Africa with a rich cultural and medicinal heritage. As the cornerstone of our agricultural pursuits, Sceletium is cultivated for its versatile applications, ranging from traditional medicinal uses to contemporary wellness trends.

The farm’s commitment to cultivating Sceletium reflects a dedication to preserving biodiversity and embracing sustainable practices. Its cultivation is not only a nod to the plant’s cultural significance but also an acknowledgment of its potential economic value. Sceletium serves as a symbol of our farm’s commitment to holistic and responsible farming, where the essence of this remarkable plant contributes to the well-being of the community, the land, and the economy.

WHat We Value


Embrace innovation in sustainable agriculture, always seeking new ways to harmonize with nature and contribute positively to our surroundings.


Uphold the highest standards of integrity in our cultivation practices, business operations, and community engagements.


Acknowledge our role as stewards of the land, committed to sustainable farming and environmental responsibility.


Foster a sense of community through outreach, education, and social upliftment, recognizing the interconnectedness of our shared well-being.

Our Approach

Sustainable Herbalism

A Holistic Approach

We pledge to cultivate medicinal plants organically, rejecting synthetic chemicals in favor of natural, nurturing methods. Our commitment to sustainability extends to every facet of our operations, ensuring that each harvest is a testament to the delicate balance between nature and wellness.

Organic Cultivation

Nourishing the Earth, Nourishing You

Our fields are a canvas for organic cultivation, where medicinal plants thrive in their ideal environment. By eschewing synthetic inputs, we ensure that the purity and potency of each medicinal herb are preserved, offering a bounty that not only supports health but also sustains the environment.

Crops with a Purpose

Beyond Monoculture

Diversity is at the core of our herbal haven. We embrace a rich tapestry of medicinal plants, fostering biodiversity to enhance the resilience of both the ecosystem and the remedies we cultivate. Our fields are a testament to the belief that the richness of nature translates into the richness of our healing harvest.

Water Wisdom

Nurturing Life Sustainably

In our commitment to sustainable farming, water is revered as a precious resource. We employ natural sequence farming and water harvesting techniques to ensure the responsible use of this vital element, fostering an environment where medicinal plants flourish in harmony with the cycles of nature.

Community of Wellness

Growing Together

Our farm goes beyond cultivating crops, striving to create a Community of Wellness. Through outreach initiatives, collaborative community projects, and a commitment to preserving traditional knowledge, we empower individuals to reconnect with the land. We honor historic knowledge holders and focus on natural healing, turning our farm into a hub for holistic well-being. Together, we are sowing the seeds of a sustainable future, cultivating unity, resilience, and shared well-being in our vibrant community.

What Sets Us Apart

The Klein Karoo Advantage

A specific climate, characterised by hot temperatures and low rainfall, creates a niche habitat where these plants have adapted to survive and flourish. Additionally, the well-drained, nutrient-poor soils of the Klein Karoo contribute to the development of medicinal plant species with distinct biochemical properties. This region's ecological conditions, including sunlight exposure and minimal competition from other vegetation, further support the growth of native medicinal plants, making it a rich reservoir for traditional herbal remedies.

Sceletium Africa

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Join us on this journey of wellness, education, and ecological responsibility. Discover the natural healing potential of the Klein Karoo with KarooKanna – where nature’s bounty meets community empowerment.

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