Sceletium Turtuosum

Cape Buchu

Cancer Bush

Honey Bush

The Essence of KarooKanna: A resilient succulent native to Southern Africa. With finger-like leaves and inconspicuous flowers, it thrives in arid conditions. Historically valued by indigenous communities, the plant contains psychoactive alkaloids, offering mood-enhancing and stress-relieving benefits.
With its fragrant allure and healing heritage, encapsulates the botanical richness of the Western Cape.

With a history deeply rooted in traditional herbalism, this shrub has gained modern recognition for its immune-boosting properties, attributed to unique compounds like canavanine and pinitol.

A honey-scented allure and myriad applications, emerges as a versatile gift from the South African mountains. From its fragrant leaves to the soothing infusion, this resilient shrub weaves a narrative of flavour and well-being.

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